As an Independent Public School we will have increased flexibility and responsibility to make local decisions across a range of school operations to enhance educational outcomes for students.

The elected School Board supports the Principal and staff to  provide clear strategic direction through the development of a clearly articulated Business Plan and monitor our progress towards achieving the targets outlined in  this plan.

Our school’s Business Plan is a three year plan clearly outlining our vision, our motto, our goals, our strategies to achieve those goals and our targets. Our Business Plan will support the  Department of Education’s Strategic Plan for WA Public Schools 2020-2024 and the Department’s Focus 2024 document. This Business Plan and our compliance with our school’s Delivery and Performance Agreement will be reviewed by the  Department of Education Services during 2025.

Our Vision

To nurture students in a safe and supportive learning environment where parents and staff take shared responsibility for student growth and development , resulting in students who thrive  and a community that flourishes.

Our Purpose

We work alongside the parent community to nurture students so they grow to their potential, preparing each student with the necessary academic, physical, social and emotional skills, understandings and values to allow them to thrive and contribute positively to society.

Our Motto

Nurture Grow Thrive

Our Goals

Nurturing Successful Students

Growing Staff and Leader Capacity

Building a Thriving School Community

School Board Members

Kirsty Vermeer - Chair

                         - Parent

Tenealle Harper - Parent

Julie Edmands - Parent

Kylie Moss - Staff

Melinda Stewart - Staff

Gabi Ozegovic - Staff

Caitlin Woodward - Staff