No Nuts Please 

As we have children with anaphylactic reactions to nuts can you please refrain from sending any sort of whole nuts or nut paste in your child's lunch box.  Please respect how important this is to the children who have these severe allergies.  Don't forget cakes cooked for classroom birthday celebrations must also never contain nuts. 

Children’s Property / Belongings

We strongly discourage students from bringing in valuables and toys to school and no responsibility is accepted for loss or damage to students’ personal property. If an item is bought in to support the student’s language program, teachers may place it in a safe place for the day.

Hair & Jewellery

Hair below shoulder length (boys and girls) should be tied back and jewellery should consist of only sleepers, studs, watches or medic alert bracelets.

Mobile Phones

Please avoid sending your child to school with a mobile phone. If you need to send your child to school with a mobile phone they will need to be left at the office for the duration of the school day and picked up at the end of the day. Mobile phones will be locked away during the day. Students are able to use school phones if they need to communicate with you through the day. Messages to students can be taken through the front office.


Everyone loves to celebrate birthdays but let’s keep it simple.
If you wish your child to have a special celebration with their class please send small individual cup cakes or muffins with minimal toppings. Please do not send lollies or other gifts for class members.

Getting to School

All families living close to the school are actively encouraged to walk or ride bikes to school. This will promote healthy lifestyles and avoid dangerous traffic congestion around the school. The school has enclosed bike racks, however all bikes and scooters should be locked and all children should wear a helmet when riding. The school will be promoting walking and riding to school.

Healthy Eating and Waste Free Lunch Boxes

Healthy food provides the energy and nutrients children need in order to grow, develop and concentrate through a busy school day. To promote healthy eating and sustainable living we will be promoting ‘waste free’ lunch boxes. Parents are asked to support us by providing lunches and snacks that are healthy and have minimal packaging. Please consider this when buying lunch boxes for school.


Parents are asked to inform the school by email or phone when their child is absent from school. Parents are also asked to notify the school if they are taking their child out of school for a holiday. The Principal does not approve leave for holidays in order to give a clear message to the community that every day at school matters. Parents make the choice to go on holidays in school time after considering carefully the impact on their child’s learning and their family situation. The school does not provide work packages for holidays.


In accordance with the Department of Education policy, parents requiring medication to be administered to their child at school need to complete and sign the necessary medical forms.

If your child has an ongoing medical condition or a condition which may require attention from time to time, a MEDICAL ACTION PLAN must be developed. Please advise the school if such a plan needs to be developed so the appropriate procedures can be put in place.