Shared Responsibility

Our Foundation Planning Committee gathered information from the school community to determine the  parent community’s aspirations for their new school. The community identified some of the things that were really important to them. These included a smooth transition to the new school, a differentiated curriculum,  a rich and varied curriculum, a safe and supportive learning environment, kind, caring teachers and children who are happy and making progress across all areas of their development. When discussing what this would look like in a new school, the parents agreed that the responsibility for their children’s progress should be shared by both the school and the family. The group felt so strongly about this that the decision was made to include ‘shared responsibility’ in the school’s vision statement. By doing this the Planning Committee hopes to highlight the importance of parents and staff working collaboratively and taking shared responsibility for student growth and development. If parents and the school commit to this 'shared responsibility’ then our students will achieve to their potential and our vision will become a reality.

Our Vision

To nurture students in a safe and supportive learning environment where parents and staff take shared responsibility for student growth and development , resulting in students who thrive  and a community that flourishes.